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How to Play the CAGED System

Mastering the guitar’s fretboard can be a daunting challenge for many, especially for those new to the world of guitar theory. The CAGED system, however, offers an elegant and practical solution to this. Built upon five foundational chord shapes - C, A, G, E, and D - this system serves as a roadmap, making the vast fretboard seem a lot less intimidating.

Navigating the CAGED System Articles

Each of our five articles breaks down one of the integral chord shapes of the CAGED system:

  1. How to play the C Shape
  2. How to play the A Shape
  3. How to play the G Shape
  4. How to play the E Shape
  5. How to play the D Shape

These articles aren't just isolated lessons; they're designed to flow seamlessly from one to the next, offering a comprehensive understanding of the system.

What Each Article Covers

Our guides on each shape walk you through the following:

  • The Basics: Introduction to the specific chord shape, offering a refresher for those already familiar with open chords.
  • Movable Shapes: Instructions on how to move these familiar shapes up and down the fretboard.
  • Root Notes: Identification and understanding of the root note in each shape, a crucial step to effectively using the CAGED system.
  • Transposing to Any Key: Practical insights on how to play the same shape in various keys.

How to Use These Articles

To make the most of our CAGED series:

  1. Start Sequentially: While you can jump into any shape, starting with the C shape and progressing in order gives a linear understanding.
  2. Practice As You Read: Keep your guitar by your side. As you explore each shape, practice it.
  3. Review and Revisit: The CAGED system is about visualization. Revisiting these articles and practicing regularly helps embed these patterns in your muscle memory and mind.

Unleashing the Power of CAGED

The CAGED system is more than just a set of chord shapes; it's a way of understanding the guitar’s fretboard, unlocking its potential. By internalizing these five fundamental shapes, you'll be equipped to play chords all over the neck, expanding your musical horizons.

Take the plunge – delve into the first article or choose the shape you're most curious about. As always, remember that the journey of mastering the guitar is one of practice, patience, and passion.

Learn the 5 CAGED shapes

How to play the D shape

Master the D shape in the CAGED system! Play it movable, find root notes, and transpose. Elevate guitar skills! 🎸
CAGED Instructions

How to play the E shape

Master the E shape in the CAGED system! Transform one chord into 12, identify roots, and transpose with ease on your guitar journey. 🎸
CAGED Instructions

How to play the G shape

Master the G shape on guitar! Explore as a moveable chord, find root notes, & transpose effortlessly in the CAGED system. Next level awaits! 🎸🎵
CAGED Instructions

How to play the C shape

Dive into guitar's C shape! Learn its basics, transform it to a moveable chord, find root notes & transpose. Elevate your guitar journey! 🎸🎵
CAGED Instructions

How to play the A shape

Explore the A shape in the CAGED guitar system! Transform it into movable chords, find the root, and transpose. Fretboard mastery awaits! 🎸
CAGED Instructions